Classing & Batching

What we want to do is encourage you to batch your fleeces in to more economical batches. Don’t worry if you do not have enough – we have two possible solutions: 

  1. Hold your fleece for a couple of seasons until you have enough of the same sort of fleece (so that it can go through together)
  2. Use our classing and batching option.

We will class your fleece and batch with another customer’s fleece of the same colour and quality. This may involve two or more customers’ fleeces going through together. Each person will then get a proportion of the finished fleece based on the clean weight each person put into the system. (That is, you will not be penalised if another customer’s fleeces are not as clean of VM as yours.) These larger batches will go through the mill in priority to smaller single jobs.

We will hold classes to help you class and batch your own fleece. This will help you understand how the varying qualities of fibre behave through the carding and spinning process as well as reassuring you that when we do batch, you will be getting back yarn which is the same quality your own fibre.