Prices & Job sheet

For each job you will need to complete a job sheet, this records the instruction from you on how to process your fleece. You can download this by clicking the link below. if you need any help then feel free to contact us  We spin 100% Huacaya Alpaca or we can blend with wool if you wish. We also spin 100% Wool.

We do Not spin 100% Suri Alpaca. If you want Suri spinning talk with us about your options.

 download the JOB SHEET here

Prices from 1st January 2017 All Prices are plus GST
Washing, carding & spinning on to cones
Single Fleece up to 1.4kgs $160
from 1.4 kg's up to 4kilos $115
from 4 kilos up to 8 kilos $105
from 8 Kilos up to 12 kilos $95
Over 12 kilos (Conditions apply) $85

Price is charged in the inwards weight

Prices are set per job size and charged per kilo

Batching and Classing is charged at $60 per hour which equates to approximately 10 fleeces, min charge $60.

All spinning will be processed in to 50gms hanks, 100gms hanks available on request, Cones available on request.
Per kilo price
Casual Carding (including Scour, Wash & Condition) $28.50
Casual Spinning (up to 4kgs some discount MAY apply after 4kgs, conditions apply) $90
Scour, Wash & Condition $15
Carding to Batts Carding costs plus $10 per Batt
Carding & Pindrafting Carding costs plus $10 for each pass through the pindrafter
Dyeing of fleece or hanks is available, price on request,
Terms of Trade

A 20% deposit is due when your jobs are receive the balance is due on completion of your jobs. Prices are plus GST & subject to change without notice

Any costs incurred in collection of the debt will be the responsibility of the debtor

Fleeces that can not be processed will be charged for the stage they have been taken to ie washed, carded & pindrafted but can not get the fleece through the spinner will be charged for the Carding & Pindrafting

Fleeces taken back by the owner will be charge for any processing done up to that point

By booking your fleece in the Schedule you are deemed to have agreed with these terms

We have had a lot of small batches sent through some as small as 400grams. While we will process these for you, you need to be aware that we will be applying the minimum charges as listed above $160 for processing a small batch. You need also to remember that a one third loss through the process is normal. These small batches take up to 4 times as long to process. Talk to us about the options available for you.

We have also had a number of batches through that cause problems or do not hold together on the machinery. In future we will not continue to struggle to process these but will stop and return the batch to you. You will be charged for the stage of the process that has been achieved.

We have been sent a number of fleeces heavely contaminated with vegatable matter, If this is at a point where we feel this will damage our machinery we will not process the batch. Cleaning your fleeces is not part of the process cost. Subject to labour being available we can clean your fleece to a point where they will go through the machinery this will be charged at $35 per hour with a minimum charge of $60.

Any fleeces showing signs of moth infestation will be returned.