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Riverdale Alpaca Stud

Our aim is to build a high quality herd of white, light fawn animals. We are breeding for fleece rather than any particular colour. Our herd is predominately white and light fawn. However no good alpaca is a bad colour and we have a range of colours.

The key things for us are a dense, high frequency, deep crimp with low micron and good coverage. By that we mean good quality fleece down in to the belly and upper part of the legs. Minimum guard hair and good fleece coming round in to the chest area. All this on a healthy animal with strong bone and good conformation.

We have concentrated our genetics to include males such as ILR Alpine Fibre’s Brutus, Peruvian Hemmingway, Jolimont Conquistador, NWA Ruffo, NWA Luminosa, ILR PPPeruvian Auzengate and Jolimont Warrior.

We mate our females to the best males we can find. Our herd average micron is 24.83  (2010 24.78). 18.5 on first fleeces (2010 19.87) 23.24 on 2nd to 5th  fleeces (2010 22.34)  and 27.33 on over 5yrs (2010 28.03) this group includes our 11 & 12 year olds.. Our goal is to bring down the overall herd average to 22 micron and the older group to 26 micron meaning we have a consistant herd with animals holding a good micron in to their later years.

We now have both Suri and Huacaya and the fleece results on the Suri are also beginning to develop First fleeces 20.43 (2010 20.78) 2nd to 5th fleeces 23.53 (2010 no animals in this group) and over 5 years 34.98 (2010 30.88) in this group all the animals are 9 years or more.

Please contact us we will be happy to help you in building your herd.

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