Alpaca is a delightful yarn to knit with indeed once you begin you will not want to go back to wool or acrylic. Alpaca does not have the lanolin that sheep’s wool has nor does it have the itch factor often associated with wool. People who find it difficult to wear wool often can wear Alpaca with no problem

Alpaca has a texture as soft as cashmere, warmth that surpasses wool, more durability than cotton and is naturally hypoallergenic. Good quality alpaca is divine to touch a real treat for your senses. Alpaca has a luxurious silky handle and softness that needs to be felt to be appreciated.

Alpaca fibre can vary tremendously amongst alpacas and Riverdale since 2000 have selectively bred alpaca with fine, soft handling fleeces

The Premium Selection is first class luxury and each years harvest will sell quickly. The Family Selection too offers a quality product at an affordable price. Both these are available in a number of weights and a range of colours